PNPT 2023: My Honest Humbling Review

Astik Rawat
10 min readJun 11, 2023

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re doing good. This week I went for my Second Attempt PNPT and finally get it done this time. I just wanted to share my honest experience on the whole exam process and how it humbled me. This blog might be little big longer than my typical writing blog style, you will find it out later why I did that.


I bought the PNPT Exam voucher last month. There were some international payment issue, so I emailed and asked if they could provide me a custom link to pay. So if you also face this issue feel free to connect with the TCM Academy team and let them know that you are having issues due to international payments.

Of course, I also had to message Heath Adams and tell him I am going for PNPT and let him know how much he meant for me and someone who is learning or new to the domain. Not gonna lie, he is one of the reason why I have become good at my work, cybersecurity, pentesting, knowledge and still learning. Okay let’s actually talk about the whole experience. Anyway feel free to jump to any section which interests you.


I am a currently a full time working consultant, on side If I find time I do go for cybersecurity certificates just to check on myself if I am still learning. For this certificate, I would say I did had the knowledge to pass it but I realized I am still missing some methodology and strategies which could be helpful for me at work mostly.

How was the exam and who is it for?

I would say the exam would be somewhere between Easy to Medium. It is definitely a beginner friendly exam, also best for someone who is looking to look as a Network Penetration Tester with Active Directory Knowledge. Some people might not agree as the newer version of PNPT which I also went with — many people struggle at the first stage, so was I actually for quite a while but overcame it and realized it was actually easy. So definitely recommended if you are new, or want to brush up your skills with this. I personally went for this exam, to support TCM Academy to help me in my initial days of learning and check out my Active Directory skills as it was my first time experience on AD in an exam.





Astik Rawat

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