OSWP: My Review

Astik Rawat
4 min readApr 19, 2022

Hi, I am back again, and this time I want to share my review for OSWP (Offensive Security Wireless Professional). If you don’t know about this course, in past it was called Wi-Fu. I passed this exam a couple of days ago and got the results just now and I want to share my experience with the whole coursework and exam.



So before getting into wireless hacking, I just want to let you know I already had some wireless hacking experience from a few years ago when I was getting started with Ethical Hacking. So preparing for this exam didn’t take me more than a couple of weeks to get into it. If you know wireless security it can be on WEP, WPS, WPA, WPA2, and WPA Enterprise.


I would recommend following the coursework and following the videos provided by Offensive Security as it should be enough. But here comes the tricky part there are no labs for preparing for this exam. So you do need to practice it is a custom lab and you need to create it yourself.

For the preparation, I bought two hardware devices — A router and Wireless Adapter (With Monitor Mode). I got the Offensive Security recommended router NETGEAR AC1000 (R6080) and I tried to find the Alfa AWUS036NHA wireless adapter as well but there were some shipping issues so I had to settle down with something basic and cheap. For Wireless Adapter I got TP-Link WL-WN722N v2/3. Now here is a thing when comes to this adapter and its version, only v1 allows monitor mode and you do need it to practice wireless security in general. But there is a way to make TP-Link WL-WN722N v2/3 work on monitor mode, to make it compatible with your kali machine check this link: TP-Link WL-WN722N Monitor Mode.


It is pretty much forward if you have managed to finish all the exercises and did some practice, you can pass easily. For me I managed to finish 2/3 machine and the last one has some technical issues I tried contacting Offensive Security on it and they resolved the issue but happened again and the time was up. I felt a bit bad as I knew how to get it done but it takes a while so it was okay as I knew I passed. There will be three machines in total and you need to finish two of them to pass in which one of them is gonna be compulsory.



Astik Rawat

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