eMAPT 2023: My Journey and Review

Astik Rawat
5 min readMar 6, 2023

Hi, I am back after few holidays and some busy work days. Today I will be talking about one of the most talked cert in the industry when people start Mobile Penetration Testing i.e. eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Testing also known as eMAPT. I passed the exam on my first attempt a few days ago and just wanted to share everything I learnt on the whole journey.

eMAPT: eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester


If you are new here then I would like to you give you a small intro of myself. I am Astik Rawat, Security Consultant working mostly on Web Application and Network Penetration Testing. Recently I started learning Mobile App Testing. When comes to Mobile App Testing certs, I only came across eMAPT which fit my budget and as I already did eJPT before so I knew the exam would be a good chance to check my progress. I wrote an eJPT blog (My Journey for eJPT-eLearnSecurity) a while ago you can also check that if you are planning to go for the exam.


To learn mobile app testing, I went with TCM Academy Mobile Application Penetration Testing few months ago to get started with it. It teaches you from Android to iOS Application testing. Not only that it also teaches you few more methods on your lab setup with live hunting real-world app examples. Thanks to the TCM Academy, Heath Adams and Instructor Aaron for putting in such an amazing course.

I never did INE Mobile App course, I did start it when I was in a year subscription but I never finished it and soon it was no more. I remember the start was too much of architecture theory and kind of boring for me while TCM Academy also had the same part but little shorter and just on point. It is also important to learn the whole system on Android and iOS and how it works so when comes to understanding the whole architecture I would say INE is better.


I bought the voucher when there was a 20% discount and held it since then. The validity of the exam after purchase is 6 months, so kept postponing and spending time learning and research. On its last month, I thought of starting the exam but I was still scared because my Android Development skill was very low (NULL in my POV) and I started it.



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