Hi everyone, I am back with OSCP this time. I wanted to share my full journey on how I passed OSCP in the first attempt and was able to fully compromise 5 out of 5 machines with full system access on 25 August 2021. …

Hi, I am Astik Rawat and I hope everyone is having a productive week so far. I finished the Vega Machine from PwnTillDawn last night and I wanted to share my experience. It is considered a Medium Linux machine with Host 222.

Vega has Fallen

For me, it took me a while as…

Hi, I am Astik Rawat, and I hope everyone is doing good. Here is my walkthrough for Host 69 (FLAG67) from PwnTillDawn. I will go straight into it, I hope you learn something from it.


After connecting the VPN and pinging the host I scanned all the open ports on…

Hi, I am Astik Rawat, and yesterday I gave my eJPT Practical Exam from eLearnSecurity. I managed to finish the exam in 8 hours out of 72 hours(3 days) provided by the eLearnSecurity. …

A hero is unleashed

Bolt Room: TryHackMe

Hi, My Name is Astik Rawat and I am a Cyber Security Enthusiastic. I’m writing this walkthrough while personally going through this room. I will try my best to give quality and descriptive steps as it’s my first writeup. You guys can add me on TryHackMe

Astik Rawat

Security Consultant | OSCP | eJPT | CEH Master | Network+

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